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HITRUST Certification Guidance and Advisory

HITRUST Framework Familiarization

Remediation Planning

Security Controls Implementation

Introduction to HITRUST: Provide an overview of the HITRUST framework, its purpose, and the importance of certification in the context of healthcare information security.


Understanding Controls: Familiarize the organization with the specific security controls and requirements outlined in the HITRUST framework.

Developing a Remediation Plan: Assist in creating a detailed plan to address identified gaps and deficiencies in line with HITRUST requirements.

Prioritization of Remediation Efforts: Prioritize remediation efforts based on the criticality of identified gaps and the potential impact on information security.

Technical Controls Guidance: Offer advice on the implementation of technical security controls required by HITRUST, such as encryption, access controls, and network security.


Monitoring and Auditing: Provide recommendations for the establishment of monitoring and auditing mechanisms to ensure ongoing compliance.

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