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Technical Testing Services : Social Engineering


Phishing Assessments

Email Phishing: Simulate phishing attacks via email to assess employees' awareness and susceptibility to clicking on malicious links or providing sensitive information.

Spear Phishing: Customize phishing attempts targeting specific individuals or departments to evaluate the organization's resilience against targeted attacks.


Social Media Exploitation

Information Gathering: Assess the information available on public social media profiles to exploit personal details for targeted attacks.


Impersonation and Manipulation: Simulate scenarios where attackers use social media to impersonate trusted individuals and manipulate employees.


Impersonation Attacks

Phone Impersonation: Evaluate an organization's susceptibility to phone-based social engineering attacks, where attackers pose as trusted entities to extract sensitive information.


Physical Impersonation: Test security measures by attempting unauthorized physical access to secure areas through impersonation.


Integration with Overall Security Strategy

Integrate social engineering testing into the broader cybersecurity strategy to create a holistic approach to security.

Social engineering testing services are crucial for organizations to understand and mitigate the human factor in security.

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