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Welcome to AI Guard Inc.

Our Key Strengths

AI-Powered Security Solutions

AI Guard Inc. utilizes the artificial intelligence technology to provide  Chatbots for guiding cybersecurity initiatives. Our AI-powered data security DLP system help organizations ensure the secure adoption of LLM's with data privacy.

Software as a services

At AI Guard Inc., we understand the importance of regulatory compliance. Our SaaS platforms help organizations with security solutions for data, critical software and SOC's. 

AI Security Training and Professional Services 

We offer training for business leaders and data scientists, with professional services, aimed at implementing a robust AI security roadmap. 

24/7 Customer Support

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to our clients. Our team is available 24/7 to provide support and assistance whenever you need it.

Why Choose AI Guard Inc?

Founded by alumni of Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, our mission is to fortify artificial intelligence systems and guide organizations through the intricate landscape of constantly evolving AI security. Our expertise encompasses AI automation, the development of robust AI models, cloud security, application security, and adherence to regulatory compliance.

Leveraging our proprietary AI models, we possess a deep understanding of the challenges organizations face in safeguarding these systems.

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